Alpha Plast is one of Africa’s largest polyvinylchloride (PVC) compounders. Established in 1987, the business and founding management team have consistently grown the company’s share of the national and continental PVC compounding market.

We have been fortunate to accommodate and service a broad industry in which downstream manufacturers have sought to outsource compounding, allowing them instead to focus on their primary field of expertise. These customers include some of the continent’s largest electric cable-, construction material, food packaging- and hose manufacturers.

Our main purpose-built manufacturing facility is located in Devland, Johannesburg which provides us with raw material supply advantages from key suppliers in Gauteng as well as optimized delivery benefits to both our national- and export road freight customers.

several dyed plastic polymer granulates in laboratory

We have invested heavily in highly efficient equipment from Swiss Co-Kneader manufacturer, Buss, which is renowned worldwide for its ability to produce the best quality product.


We operate one of the continent’s largest and most automated PVC plants which currently includes nine fully independent compounding lines with the capacity to produce more than 44,000 tons per annum and another 10th line expected to be commissioned during 2022 adding a further 8,000 tons per annum.

We also have a strong partnership with our fellow subsidiary in Cape Town which provides us with a gateway for supply into the Western- and Eastern Cape. This association provides us with additional production capacity of 6,500 tons per annum and represents a strategic export hub with port access to our global customers.


Alpha Plast promotes a vibrant culture driven by a tightly held set of core values that respect the company’s history and allows us to deliver sustainable results for our customers, our people, our processes and our business. These core values are:



We place the customer first and strive to make a positive difference in helping our customers achieve their goals. Supporting, serving and retaining our customers is part of the daily involvement of all employees. We believe in acting promptly and efficiently to our customer needs which means holding sufficient raw materials and finished goods inventory and, in some instances, assisting with on-site consignment stock to various customer locations.



Our obsessive approach towards quality manufacturing ensures that we deliver premium value to our customers whilst maintaining strict controls surrounding our ISO 9001 quality management system



We prioritise the well-being of our staff, community and the environment which are all integral to everything we do. We ensure strict implementation of our ISO 45001 certified occupational health and safety management system.



We are honest and transparent and always do the right thing. We take responsibility and ownership of the situation, always honour our commitments and pride ourselves of our ISO 14001 accredited environmental management system.



We work together with all stakeholders including customers and suppliers to ensure we leverage our collective experience and expertise to find the best possible solutions.  Placing our customers at the heart of our strategy requires developing in-depth knowledge and understanding around a personalized, permanent and trusted relationship.



We value our people, provide a supportive environment, and encourage development and open communication.