Flexible and Rigid PVC Compounds

Despite the many technical qualities of PVC which provide a wide range of applications, we classify our products into two main categories which are dependent upon the industry use or processing techniques used by our customers:


Typically used in the manufacture of electric- or automotive cables, insulation, sheathing, shoes, tubes, pipes, sheets, films and more.


Typically used in the manufacture of window frames, cladding, boxes, pipes, caps, profiles, packaging and other construction materials.

We prioritise the individual needs of our more than 200 customers which include some of the largest cable manufacturers on the continent. We understand that the correct PVC blend is of critical importance to our customers which is why we keep a very close eye on our machinery, our production process and our finished goods.

Customised Compound Formulations

Alpha Plast has the ability to manufacture polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the form of powders (DRYBLENDS) or granules (COMPOUNDS) and is dependent upon the customer requirements in the following industries:


Flexible Injection Moulding and -Extrusion


Rigid Injection Moulding and -Extrusion


Flexible Film

We will meet the optimum technical values as well as any of your tinting requirements whether natural, transparent or coloured (by colour chart and / or colour matching).

Colorful plastic polymer granules on white
different plastic water pipes in layers 3d render on white
Vibrant colored adhesive films isolated on white background. 3D illustration.
PVC Pipe connections, PVC Pipe fitting, PVC Coupling